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Hello world!

Welcome to Nordin’s Bits N Pieces on

This is the place where I upload writings that I think are worth sharing with the world.

I first created my internet domain in September 2005 and hosted it on a US-based server.

After staying on the server for 14 years, in August 2019 I subscribed to a new web host account and had my blog on the old host copied to the new server.

In December 2019 I finally had time to really look at the relocated blog, and found to my dismay that all my previous posts were gone. The SQL database had only 4 posts, and those are new posts generated by the blog program.

But not all were lost. The images I used in posts on the old server looked to be correctly copied to the new server. And I have a manual backup of the raw data of my posts from the old server.

So the challenge is to recreate the posts, which will take some time to complete. I aim to put back the posts one by one until done.

Until then.

Nordin Ibrahim