Adapting to change

It was today last month that my long-established daily routine came to a sudden halt.

I was riding the Virago from work. While sailing down the flyover at Subang Jaya’s SS15 neighborhood about 5 km from home, the bike’s engine went dead. Pressing the start button did not elicit any turning of the starter motor. Engaging the second gear and trying to momentum-start the engine also achieved nothing. The engine stayed silent.

I had to leave the bike on a grass verge at a nearby side road. After locking the back wheel with a heavy duty chain, I walked home. About half a kilometer later a taxi I flagged stopped by and that became my ride the rest of the way. I made it home just in time to do Maghrib prayer before its time ended.

That night I returned to the bike place with a friend. After tying the bike’s front forks with a car tow rope and tying the other end to the back of his Nissan 4WD, I rode the unpowered bike in the dark drizzly night for 20 harrowing minutes before arriving home.

The loss of use of the bike forced me to drive my MPV daily to work. I now had to leave home as early as 6.45 am to get ahead of the crazy traffic congestion. With the bike I had the luxury of leaving as late at 8.00 am and still got to office in time, 20 minutes later.

With that my daily exercise routine was thrown haywire. I could no longer do my usual 50 minutes morning workout before going to office. I ran the risk of losing the momentum and the successes that I had been building up for the past 9 months. After work I had to battle the same crazy traffic, arriving home at 6.30 pm if I was lucky. And if there was no rain, I could then do my workouts.

It was not a pleasant and predictable situation. I needed to realign my schedule. Three days ago I found an agreeable solution.

My work clothes in bag, at office's shower room

I would leave home in my jogging attire at 6.45 am, arrive at the office at 7.30 am with ample free parking still available, and do my workouts at the office before my colleagues arrive. Yesterday and today I found that walking down the stairs from my office to the ground floor, 20 stories high, and walk up back again, would take 12 minutes and give me a very good cardiovascular and strength workout. Then a 5-lap walk around the office floor in between the desks topped up with some flexibility and stretching routines would give me a total workout of 30 minutes. Not bad for a makeshift workout program.

The L'Occitane shower gel, with hair cream in my custom travel pack

Then at 8.00 am or thereafter I would take my gym bag with my work clothes in it to the floor’s shower room, have a good refreshing wash with L’Occitane aromatherapy shower gel that I had discovered on Boracay Island, Philippines last January.

In the evening after battling the crazy traffic, I would then do my normal routine of 8-10 laps at the neighborhood playground. If it rains then I have a choice of jogging around my neighborhood later at around 10 pm, so that I could still maintain my 50-60 minutes evening workout quota.

I’m looking forward to the time that my bike is back on the road, maybe after the Korean trip at the end of the month. That notwithstanding, I now have more flexibility in getting my workout quota, and getting nearer to my fitness objective, come what may.

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I view myself as a quiet and low profile person. Additionally, my former landlady in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia once told me I was an "intense" person. Well, she might be correct as well ...
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