Another long-lost friend found

It was a quiet Monday. I was at home, suppossedly on leave, but was nevertheless at work – online, using the company’s VPN to connect to a corporate application.

I was a quarter of the way through the voluminous materials assigned to me when my mobile phone vibrated. An unregistered Malaysian mobile number blinked on the display panel. I pressed the green handset button on the BlackBerry.

“Hello ?”.

“Assalamualaikum, is this Nordin ?”.

“Waalaikumussalam. Yes, this is Nordin.”

“This is Nordin from SESMA ?”

“SESMA ? I suppose so, a long time ago. It was SMS Terengganu then. May I know who’s calling ?”

“This is Suhaimi, from Kemaman”.

“Suhaimi ? Sorry, the name does not click yet.”

After a few exchanges within the next several seconds it became clear as daylight that the caller was Mohd Suhaimi, my school friend when I was at Kuala Terengganu’s Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sulaiman and Sekolah Menengah Sains Terengganu in the 1970’s.

We were not just friends, we were brothers and sparring partners in Silat Gayung, a Malaysian martial arts movement, when we were at Sultan Sulaiman.

Suhaimi informed me that he had been trying to connect to me for quite some time. Apparently I was one of the few of our school group who was still missing. Maybe I was very adept at flying below the radar :). But apparently not too adept, because he had managed to obtain my mobile phone number ..

I felt very good able to talk to another long-lost friend. We spent the next 30 minutes talking.

Suhaimi, thanks for making the effort to track me down. I appreciate that. I also appreciate your persistence and patience. I knew now that it was you who had phoned me 3 times with no answer from me on the afternoon of last Tuesday Nov 24th. I was in Changsha, China at that time, and out of personal habit, did not normally answer calls from unregistered numbers while I was on international roaming.

Anyway, we have ample opportunity to meet in the near future, insyaAllah.

In the meanwhile, here are some images from our past which are still preserved in my photo album.


Me and Suhaimi in our Silat Gayung uniforms, at Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sulaiman's (SMSS) Annual Sports 1976 held at Stadium Kuala Terengganu.


Oct 1976 Group photo of morning session of Persatuan Silat Seni Gayung Malaysia, SMSS Kuala Terengganu.


Suhaimi and his Biology team - Ailani, Wan Zakariah, Jamilah, Mahtab; from our SMS Terengganu, who won 3rd place in 1978's Terengganu EPMI Science Exhibition.


Our friend Mahadi and his SMS Terengganu's Physics team, who won 2nd place at the same exhibition.


Nordin (that's me), Fauzi Omar and Zubaidah Wahab at our SMS Terengganu's Chemistry booth, who won 1st place in 1978's Terengganu EPMI Science Exhibition.

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I view myself as a quiet and low profile person. Additionally, my former landlady in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia once told me I was an "intense" person. Well, she might be correct as well ...
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2 Responses to Another long-lost friend found

  1. zubaidah wahab says:

    Assalamualaikum Nordin,

    Heard about reunion SS78 from Ailani. She told me about your blog, searched for it and found it! Wow, you still have that photo of us at the exhibition, really bring back memory down the lane and thank you for remembering my full name.


  2. nordin says:

    Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.

    Zubaidah. That’s a name I’ve not pronounced in many, many years 🙂

    Thanks for visiting. And apologies for not responding earlier. Did not expect it. It’s very pleasant surprise to see you here.

    About the exhibition, yes. And your full name, yes. I treasure that and other events at SMS Trg. It was two years of formative experience for me.

    There’s much to catch up. But not here. You can find me on FB –


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