My first post .. from the hinterlands of Pahang, Malaysia


Hello World.

Here I am. My first post on php-mySQL weblog that I self-installed on my own personal webserver.

What follows below is a post that I made elsewhere last Saturday 9th February 2008, that I want to share here.

= = = =

It’s Saturday 9th February 2008 9:38am Malaysian Time (+08:00 GMT).

I’ve just completed registering this blog several minutes ago, using a Toshiba Satellite notebook PC with Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 3G datacard.

I’m here at my wife’s village in Kg Durian Sebatang, Dong, Raub, Pahang since yesterday afternoon 8th February, the second day of the Chinese New Year.

The kids are restless, continuously asking their father, yours truly, when would I power down this PC and haul them in the Innova to Pulau Chekas, Ulu Dong, for the promised picnic in the cool, cystal clear waters of the river which originates from Lata Jarum further upstream.

I said “Hold on a while. The waters there are still too cool this time of day. You’ll be shivering in no time if we got there too soon”.

I’m struggling with the slow speed of Celcom GPRS. Not the fault of GPRS though. I am spoilt with the much higher speed of Celcom 3G and HSDPA which the AirCard is capable of, and the stable and reliable Streamyx ADSL broadband on wireless LAN we have back in our USJ Subang Jaya home.

I’ve just started to warm up writing here. But I’ve got to go. For now. The waters of Pulau Chekas, here we come..

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I view myself as a quiet and low profile person. Additionally, my former landlady in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia once told me I was an "intense" person. Well, she might be correct as well ...
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