Meeting a school teacher after 47 years

Alhamdulillah. Finally I had the privilege of meeting Cikgu Rahim Abdullah, my primary school class teacher in 1971 when I was in Standard 5 at Sekolah Pusat Jerteh, Besut, Terengganu. 47 years ago. How time flies.

Cikgu Rahim is now 82 years old. Still healthy.

I was in Mersing, Johor for several days for an assignment. The next day, mid-morning, I rode the bike to Kuantan passing through Endau, Rompin, Nenasi and Pekan to meet Cikgu Rahim.

I arrived in Beserah, on the outskirts of Kuantan, just after Zohor prayer time, around 2.00 pm. I had Cikgu’s address, so I went round the taman (housing estate) looking for the house. Found it. But I did not stop. Instead I rode to the taman’s surau (musolla, small mosque), did my solats (Zohor and Asar prayers) and had some rest.

Around 3.15 pm I rode back to cikgu’s house, really hoping he was in and that I was disturbing his afternoon nap.

He was in and up. And was happy to see one of his many pupils coming for a visit.

And I was happier. Cikgu Rahim is only one of two of my primary school teachers who are still around. The others had passed away.

Meeting Cikgu Rahim was wonderful. It made my 200-kilometer 2-hour non-stop motorcycle ride from Mersing very worthwhile.

With Cikgu Rahim. 7 March 2019.
Cikgu Rahim looking at a 1971 class photo I brought along.
Cikgu Rahim next to his 1974 second-generation Toyota Corolla. Behind him was my bike.

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