Form 3C2

1976. The year before Hasta La Vista (

I was one of 10 boys in a girls-majority Form 3C2 class at Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

3C2 was a Commerce class. Not exactly a favorite subject among boys at that time. Most of the other boys were, if memory serves me right, in Industrial Arts classes.

Today, 40 years on, our class monitor Abdul Halim Mat Zin started a WhatsApp group, to get us back together.

It has been a long journey going our separate ways. And on the journey we had seen wonderful things being invented – personal computers, mobile phones, dial-up internet, digital cameras, smartphones, always-on internet, social media.

Wise people say there would be no future if not for the past. So looking back every now and then gives us a lot of good.

Members of Form 3C2 1976 Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School, Kuala Terengganu were:

1. Engku Adibah
2. Kamariah Omar
3. Mariam Faridah
4. Wan Roziah
5. Jamilah Hashim
6. Noraini Zakaria
7. Safiah Yusuf
8. Hapesah Salleh
9. Rohani Abu Bakar (A)
10. Norlia Ahmad
11. Tg. Marina
12. Faezah Darjab

13. Ramlah Daling
14. Norhayati Zakaria
15. Zuraina Ghafar
16. Azimah Osman
17. Junaidah Abdullah
18. Khalipah Ibrahim
19. Madiana Ismail
20. Salmi Harun
21. Zaleha Ngah
22. Mahani Sudin
23. Rohana Ali
24. Rosiah Mohamad
25. Zarida Zainal Abidin
26. Rahimah Embong

27. Muhammad Muda
28. Nordin Ibrahim
29. Muhammad Awang
30. Maidin Mamat
31. Abdul Halim Mat Zin
C1. Cikgu Muhammad Embong
32. Razali
33. Zulkifli Mohamad
34. Ahmad Ashaari Hj Awang
35. Mohd Fauzi Omar
36. Wan Zakariah Wan Muda

The list was the result of a joint effort by the SS78 Hostel WhatsApp group.

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