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If your phone is an Android smart phone, it is highly likely that the phone is capable to work with a flash memory stick. And maybe also with a portable external hard disk drive. OK. Maybe. So what?

You can use the memory stick and hard disk as additional storage for your phone. You’re no longer stuck with the built-in phone memory. And even if your phone storage is already expandable using micro SD memory cards, the flash memory sticks and hard disk drives will give you even more storage and flexibility.

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Copying image files from phone to memory stick

You can use the external storage to free yourself from laptop computers.

You can use your phone’s magnificent camera (for a phone) to take days and days of photos and videos without fearing your on board memory and SD card would run out.

Because you can move those image and video files out to memory sticks or hard disk drives. And free the on board storage for more action.


The kid (unknowingly) logging into a military computer in a 1980’s sci-fi movie.


A scene from the movie, played on the Android phone from a file on the memory stick, using an OTG adapter.

Or you can use the memory sticks and hard disks to take your entire collection of pictures and movies with you when you’re on the go, and still able to view them. Without a computer. Your phone (or tablet) with its beyond-Full HD screens would do just fine.

What you need is just an OTG. The “On The Go” cable or adapter.

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A: OTG cable B: OTG adapter C: OTG 64 GB memory stick

The OTG cable or adapter is just a way to connect a normal USB cable to your phone’s micro USB slot. At one end of the OTG is a micro USB plug, while at the other end is a female USB socket.

If you want to DIY an OTG using old plugs and sockets, you can. Just remember to short pin number 4 and number 5 together, on the micro USB plug. This will tell the phone to act as USB host instead of being just a USB client.


Wiring diagram for making your own OTG cable.

(Picture from the internet)


Another wiring diagram for OTG cable, with a real-looking micro USB plug and female USB socket.

(Picture from the internet)

Follow this link for a very good explanation of OTG, how to wire it, and what can it be used apart from connecting memory stick and hard disks to your phone.

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