Several nights ago I discovered HandBrake. A wonderful GNU freeware computer app with a weird name that you can use to reduce video size without apparent loss of quality.

It was the need to reduce the size of a 1.4 GB 11-minute video clip that triggered me to search for a better video converter after returning home from the Tarawih Ramadhan prayers.

And I found HandBrake! Using it I managed to re-encode the 1.4 GB 1080p video clip down to 305 MB, while maintaining the 1080p resolution. Down to nearly 20% the original size. Impressive.

This nicely complemented my collection of powerful, useful and freeware Audacity (for audio) and GIMP (for image and graphics).

HandbrakeHandBrake logo


Handbrake – A GNU freeware program for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Handbrake Main ScreenHandbrake main screen.

Handbrake file list

1.4 GB video resized to 305 MB without visible loss of quality.

Koh Lipe movsVideo clips from a recent trip to Koh Lipe island, the Andaman Sea, southern Thailand. Handbrake seemed able to reduce the clips down to 20% the original size.

audacity gimpAudacity and GIMP. One for audio editing. the other for image editing and processing. All are free, open source, cross-platform programs.

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