Mobile Internet 2008

3G HSDPA via laptop PC Card. Insert a 3G SIM card, maybe from your phone, into the slot by the side of the PC Card, push the card into a laptop slot, and you’re good to go.

This was the way I used my laptop for mobile internet. Eight years ago in 2008 the now-ubiquitous Android smartphones were not yet on the market. And Android internet USB tethering only came to the world in the middle of 2010, with Android 2.2 Froyo.

20160611_101800_creCingular-branded Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 3G card. 20160611_101610_creThe circular slots that match the pins inside the laptop.
20160611_101406_creCingular was a US cellular operator. It has since been taken over and became AT&T Wireless. 20160611_101440_cre2In December 2007 I paid RM512 for this card. Quite a sum.
 20160611_101502_cre The card was powered by Qualcomm 3G HSDPA, High Speed Downlink Packet Access. Commonly known as 3.5G. android version historyAndroid version history, started in 2008.

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