The unsung hero of our internet and social media

This unkempt piece of something doesn’t look like much.

But it powers our internet. And our facebook, email, whatsapp, telegram, twitter, instagram, wechat, maps, waze and pretty much everything that we do online.

It sits silently in the world’s oceans. In shallower waters it is buried beneath the seabed.

Its thousands of kilometers crisscrosses the oceans. When everything goes well no one notices it. But when it is cut, everyone feels the pain.

This is the fiber optic submarine cable.

20160603_090446_creThis might be how a submarine cable looks like after a cable cut.  20160603_090430_creA length of submarine cable.
 20160603_090614_creThe other end of the submarine cable length. A tidier cut, showing the cross section structure of the double armored cable.  20160603_093403_creA display double armored submarine cable.

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I view myself as a quiet and low profile person. Additionally, my former landlady in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia once told me I was an "intense" person. Well, she might be correct as well ...
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