Air and ground

Last week. My flight home from Guangzhou was for Saturday afternoon, arriving KLIA at sundown. By the time I arrive home, it would have been 9-10 pm. And the next day, Sunday, 7 am, I was to go to Sungai Besar, 120 kilometers away. But something pleasant happened. My job in Guangzhou completed one day early, giving me the chance to go home on Friday!

Around 2 pm Thursday I Whatsapped my colleague at the office to see whether my flight could be changed to Friday afternoon. The reply I got – not good. The flight on the small Boeing 737-800 plane was full. No seat for me. So I resigned to the fact that I had to stay one more day in cosmopolitan Guangzhou. But then at 10 pm I received message from the colleague and email from our travel agent that there was one seat available. They asked me if I wanted it. Of course I said yes.

To ‘Ain and Sofia I said thank you, xiexie, danke schoen, arigatou gozaimasu, shukran, merci beaucoup, gracias, kap kun krap 🙂

Sunday morning found me on the road to Sungai Besar, a coastal Selangor town, which was going to go through a parliamentary by-election mid June.

There was a car for the four of us to go there. But since I had not ridden my motorbike for a week, I chose to go on two wheels. That gave me the flexibility to detour to the nearby paddy fields on the way back.

The solo ride was great. The rush of fresh country air blowing past my helmet and jacket was like no other. And the feeling of the 650 c.c. twin cylinder engine purring silently like a graceful cheetah zipping effortlessly past the cars on the expressway was really exhilarating.

And at the end I was rewarded with a priceless vista of seemingly endless horizon of green and golden paddy fields.

20160527_123721_reMineral water from two mountains in two countries 20160527_121943_creGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
DSCF0431_creOn the way to Kuala Lumpur

20160527_191225_creThe Boeing 737-800 at KL International Airport

20160529_145845_creSungai Besar paddy fields DSCF0493_creAll this space. And I was the only one there at that time
DSCF0496_creA good ride that can really go places 20160529_151426_HDR_creIt was a hot day, and I was sweating profusely inside the helmet and under the jacket
DSCF0538_creRipening paddy up close DSCF0437_creView worth riding hundreds of kilometers for

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