The return to Muscat

In June 2013, one year ago, I came across an exquisite middle eastern perfume at the Muttrah Souq (market) in old Muscat, Oman. The bottle was nearly empty when opportunity arose in October 2014 for a revisit to Muscat. This time the souq was very far from my hotel, about 40 kilometers. So I went to a nearby souq, just 11 kilometers from the hotel. And braved myself to go into an expensive-looking perfume shop. Afnan of Dubai. And I was rewarded by these four classy bottles of even more exquisite middle eastern scents.


The Afnan perfume shop at Seeb Souq, 51 kilometers from old Muscat, and 11 kilometers from my hotel. The taxi from the hotel cost me 3 Omani Riyal one way.


Four bottles of my 2014 Afnan perfumes I got from Seeb Souq, next to the smaller 2013 bottle from Muttrah Souq, old Muscat, Oman. The labels were hand written by the shop perfume consultant.


Bottom view of the bottles. These came from Dubai in neighboring United Arab Emirates.


The four Afnan perfumes at home in Malaysia, with proper labels.

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