Tanjung Piai – the southernmost point of mainland Asia

Two weeks ago my office colleague Saufi suggested that we rode down south to Johor instead of taking the bus provided by the company. I thought that would be thrilling. After Land’s End in England and John O’Groats in Scotland, that would give me the opportunity to bag into my journal Tanjung Piai as well. Tanjung Piai is a cape in Johor which is the southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia. And also the most southern point of mainland Europe-Asia.

map_to tanjung piai

From KL we rode 330 kilometers to Pulai Springs Resort near Skudai, to attend a company event.

versys at rnr seremban_e

Since our homes were in different parts of the Klang Valley, we made a plan to ride separately to our rendezvous point, the Seremban Rest Area on the North-South Expressway, soutbound. From there we would ride together to Skudai. But when I arrived at the rest area, Saufi was nowhere to be found. I read again our whatsapp message trails. No wonder, the meeting point was supposed to be Dengkil Rest Area on the Elite Highway. I had misread, hehe.


The morning after the company event, we rode 70 kilometers from Skudai to Tanjung Piai. It was a weekday. Normally this spot was out of bounds for motorcycles. So being able to pose here with my bike was one of the highlights of my day there !


With my colleague Saufi’s BMW F700GS. We rode over 330 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to Skudai, and a further 70 kilometers to the geographically special Tanjung Piai.


We had the whole complex to ourselves. No other noisy visitors 🙂


The monument on the southernmost point of the Asia mainland, looking out towards Singapore.


The monument on the southernmost point of the Asia mainland, with the Malaysian mainland in the background.


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