Uncouth human from uncivilized nowhere

I could not understand what was in the the car driver’s mind.

Searching for a parking space at a large neighborhood shopping center last night, I noticed a car about to reverse. Its rear night lights were on, its white reverse lights were also on. I stopped 2 car lengths from that car. I waited. Strangely, the reverse lights went off. The night lights were still on.

I waited nearly one minute. Nothing. So I moved on looking for another space. After moving scarcely 3 car lengths away from that car, I saw in the rear view mirror the car reversed out of the parking space. Hmmm, maybe the car driver was waiting for me to move on so that I would NOT get the place where he was about to move out from.

In another country that I had just returned from, a blonde lady walking in a parking lot to her car saw my car moving slowly seemingly looking for a parking space. She waved to me and pointed to her car. I got the message. She was about to get into her car and drive away, and offered me to take her place in the parking lot. I waved back, something of a thank you and no, I was just passing through.

We call ourselves gentle people of the east, and yet some of us behave like uncouth people from uncivilized nowhere.

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  • Suhana says:

    Pheeww.. Another post after … a year? Haha..

    Yes, kiasu in Malaysia is sadly is still high.

  • Rayzach says:


    I always wave to any slow moving cars to signal them I’m going out whenever I went off from a shopping mall to the parking lot. I also stumbled many time to people who did the same thing too. Probably you didn’t meet them yet. Probably they are hard to find due to kiasu part. I dont know man…. there are absent-minded people in Malaysia but im sure not all of them.

  • nordin says:

    Waalaikumussalam En Rayzack,

    Thanks for doing our small part to make Malaysia a better place. Yes, good people are hard to find. And you are luckier than me, in crossing paths with such people. Thanks for passing by this site and leaving a comment.

  • nordin says:

    Su, yes, time really flies 🙂 Anyway I want to write more going forward, insya Allah. There is still the unfinished story about my Indian Pacific Australian journey. And yet to be written stories about the freezing -19°C Sapporo, about a place in Norway north of the Arctic circle, about my solo 4,000-kilometer trip around U.K., about my bike rides, etc, etc.


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