On the run

Today was my first day in office after spending last week in Bandung, Indonesia.

6.45 am was a normal time that I left home for office for the past 2 months. But today, 6.45 am found me donning my running shoes instead, and at 6.50 am I was at the neighborhood playground warming up before starting on my customary 8 round 30-minute jog along the perimeter of the grounds.

Sparkling morning dew on the grass blades at a USJ playground

It was an exhilarating feeling to see the vista of morning dew as I plod along, creating a trail in the undisturbed grass. To savor the red glow of morning sunrise. To drink in the sight of clear blue skies. To breathe in the unmistakeably fresh  cool morning air.

After the aerobics phase of the workout, a 15-minute routine of strength and flexibility exercises followed that before I walked home for a refreshing shower.

Sunrise and blue skies

At 8.00 am I sent my son Adam to his kindergarden, before proceeding to office. In spite of the heavy traffic in Subang Jaya and the very heavy congestion on the Federal Highway towards Kuala Lumpur, I arrived at the office, 24 kilometers away, scarcely 30 minutes later.

The revived Virago, at a rest stop during a post-repairs test run from USJ to Batu 3 Shah Alam, then through heavy evening home traffic on the ELITE Highway to Cyberjaya, then return via the LDP Highway. All toll-free !

Today was the first day that I resumed riding my venerable bike to the office, after a 2-month break (See here, and here)

I could have taken an easy way out. Abandon the 15-year old 535 c.c. bike. Buy a new one. Maybe a brand new 650 c.c. Kawasaki ER6F.

But I chose to weather the storm. I chose to stay faithful. And the sense of accomplishment of successfully plowing through the difficulties made me feel really good.

To me, the tidy sum expended making the bike roadworthy again, and the eternity of time spent waiting; was worth every Ringgit and every hour.

On the Run at the edge of Cyberjaya

I am free again.

Free to resume my morning work outs before going to work. Free from being trapped in the morning and evening rivers of traffic. Free from road tolls. Free from the increasingly exorbitant car parking fees at the office. Free to leave office late and yet arrive home in good time for the Maghrib (dusk) prayers.

Freedom is priceless.

I could run anywhere I want. Anytime I wish.

Anyone want to join me ?

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