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Another long-lost friend found

It was a quiet Monday. I was at home, suppossedly on leave, but was nevertheless at work – online, using the company’s VPN to connect to a corporate application. I was a quarter of the way through the voluminous materials … Continue reading

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Aidil Adha greetings from Changsha

From: Mohamad Izani Sent: Thursday, 26 November 2009 23:43 To: <<list truncated>> Cc: Marina; Hasrulnizam; Nordin Ibrahim Subject: Salam Aidiladha dari Changsha, China Assalamualaikum WRB dan salam sejahtera, Kami, para pelajar tahun ke lapan jurusan APG di Changsha, ingin mengucapkan … Continue reading

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Across Australia in 4 days, Part 3: Sydney Landing

It was 4.51 am Malaysian Standard Time. The aircraft had been in the air for nearly 5 hours. The flight information display on my armrest LCD screen showed that the flight would be in the air for another 2 hours … Continue reading

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